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At Fitness Technology we are a team of certified factory technicians who take pride in fixing a wide variety of fitness equipment in the Annapolis, MD and Metropolitan area (including Southern Maryland, DC, and Montgomery County). From elliptical machines to treadmills, we can fix and fine tune any fitness equipment you bring us. You simply won’t find a better fitness equipment repair team in the Metropolitan area.

If you’re priority is staying healthy, you can be sure your fitness equipment will take a beating. With repeated use, any treadmill or elliptical machine is going to need repairs at some time or another. At Fitness Technology we can handle anything from minor repairs and fine tunings to broken frames. Jobs that would be impossible for other repair services, we can handle easily at Fitness Technology.

If your fitness equipment is beginning to malfunction, make sure to call us right away. If you wait too long your problem can go from bad to worse, costing you more money for higher end repairs down the line. Using faulty equipment can also be dangerous, leading to accidents and injury. Make sure to have Fitness Technology fix your equipment now in order to avoid wide scale repairs or accidents down the line.

If your fitness equipment needs repairs, call the best fitness equipment repair service in the Annapolis, MD and Metropolitan area (including Southern Maryland, DC, and Montgomery County) today. Let Fitness Technology get your job done right!


We can also provide parts for your exercise equipment for older and new machines. Parts for Nordic Track, Proform, Reebok, Matrix, Live strong, Vision, Horizon, Sole, Spirit, Kettler, Landice and others.

About | Fitness Technology - Annapolis, MD

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