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If you put your treadmill to good use, you may be staying healthy but you’re also putting wear and tear on your equipment. Even the best treadmills can wear down over months and years of use, leading to breaks and malfunctions that’ll put a dent in your fitness schedule. If you have a break or malfunction, make sure to call in the expert services of Fitness Technology for your treadmill repair. We’ll make any treadmill repair you need from minor malfunctions to major breaks. This is what makes Fitness Technology the Annapolis, MD and Metropolitan area’s most trusted treadmill repair experts.

We pride ourselves on 100% customer service at Fitness Technology. If we don’t fix your treadmill to your satisfaction, you won’t call us for your next job. Our business thrives on our loyal base of customers, so if we don’t get that next call then we don’t win. This is why any repair you bring to us, from small jobs to major repairs, will be completed to the very best of our abilities. With Fitness Technology, our customers win every time.

So if you have a treadmill in need of fixing in the Annapolis, MD and Metropolitan area, (including Southern Maryland, DC, and Montgomery County) remember to call Fitness Technology. We have a team of factory certified technicians on standby!

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